Monday, January 26, 2009

No Hope for a big fat Dope(er)

Professional gasbag and convicted felon, drug addicted radio personality well known amongst conservative Americans is reported to say "I hope he fails" with regard to the US president. This is in startling contrast to the historically patriotic and respectful rhetoric the conservative republicans have tended to employ for the past 8 years. I am not giving the traitor any free publicity, regardless if our president named him to make a point. I hope that it is the last time Mr. Obama falls into the trap of giving in to an attention whore.

The Boss to re-release 'Darkness'

Bruce Springsteen, having just finished a new effort with the E Street Band, will be putting out a remastered version of the 1978 classic Darkness on the Edge of Town. There will be archival live footage included in the package according to manager Jon Landau.

After hearing the npr stream I was thinking about how much energy the older material has in comparison.

I know it's the old fogey in me, but I can't get past how much I like the sound of the studios and equipment, and recording techniques of the days before digital. It's not even so much a separation thing as it is a thing of, when you can't edit so easily and nudge and tune so perfectly as you can do now, the results came off a bit more human.

just my opinion

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Righting a Civil Wrong

The Obama administration has just announced it is reversing a civil rights miscarriage by the Supreme Court by signaling the president will sign the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

The court recently ruled, in a case widely decried by civil libertarians, that since Ms Ledbetter did not file her lawsuit in a wage discrimination case 180 days after the company made their decision, regardless of whether she knew of it, she was barred from suing.

Obama has promised to sign the pending legislation Congress . It will most likely make it through the Senate this week.

So it begins...

I wanted to start this blog calling it Watching The Detectives, but somebody else on Blogger has that name already. So my second choice is Swampgrass Music. I guess it's just as well. I have been calling my music 'swampgrass' for over a decade now. It hardly seems that long. It was a joke when I started. Now I have been posting here and there under that name so many times that it's become my sort of trademark.

I want to put up news feeds and write my own commentary on the news, from the perspective of a guitar playing, songwriting, political hack/junkie, news hound. I don't think anybody else is blogging from that viewpoint.

I am not an expert on anything, but I aspire to credibility. Perhaps some day I will get close. You can expect music, politics, news, gossip, and opinion.

until then